1. Tsubasa-RESEVoir CHRoNiCLE- 21/5/2003 ~ 30/9/2009

    Ten years ago today, an archaeologist, a princess, a ninja, and a magician walked into a bar a magical shop owned by a Witch who grants wishes. Along with a magical creature, they embarked on a journey across countless dimensions—a journey that kept us on the edge of our seats for the six years this story was serialized.

    As the journey progressed, these people began to slowly care for one another, despite having radically different goals for the mission (and different outlooks on life in general), and a beautiful family dynamic began to form: Syaoran, the dutiful and determined “brother,” who never strayed from his goal of changing his princess’s fate, though he learned how to become more light-hearted and happy thanks to his friends’ influence. Sakura, the spunky and kind “sister” who never once knew the meaning of giving up and always worked hard to take care of everyone, right down to changing her friends’ destinies. Mokona, the “older sister,” who used her uncanny ability to tell when others were sad, and who worked tirelessly to make them want to smile. Fay, the “mother,” who pushed aside his bitterness and self-loathing in order to make sure that his children had reasons to be happy despite his foreknowledge of the tragedies that would soon unfold. Kurogane, the “father,” who once cared nothing about the lives of others yet grew to never think twice about protecting these people he had grown to love, and who refused to let their family fall apart even when things were at their worst.

    The past is unimportant. What we do here now is what counts. What our hearts feel now is what counts.
    Don’t ever sacrifice your life, even if it’s for the person you love most. By sacrificing your life, you’re hurting the person you meant to protect more than you could ever imagine. Please remember that if you’re in pain, then so are your loved ones. That’s how much they love you.
    Trust in the ones you love. They trust you more than you know. They have faith in you that you don’t even feel like you deserve—but they know that you deserve it, and they will not let you suffer alone.
    Don’t give up and don’t lose sight of what is important to you. All things might be inevitable, but there are still ways to change the future.
    Enjoy the life you have right now. It’s the only one you’re ever going to get. Don’t waste a single day of it.

    Strength alone cannot protect love. Kindness alone cannot protect love. Bravery alone cannot protect love. Determination alone cannot protect love. The only way to create a miracle is if you and the ones you care about can all work together.

    And, maybe most importantly… if you wish hard enough for it… if it’s what you want from the very bottom of your heart…

    Your wish will be granted, and everything will absolutely be all right.

    Thanks for one hell of a ride, CLAMP.

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